What Sets Her Apart

Natural Light Artist:
Mary Grace has mastered the art of shooting in available natural light for her sessions. This is a skill that she is very proud of as she feels it is a powerful key to creating some of the most beautiful and natural portraiture.
Professional Grade Equipment:
Mary Grace is a Nikon shooter and uses only the best of the best in the industry’s standards of professional photography gear, equipment and lenses.
Spectacular Post Production:
This is one of the things that sets Mary Grace apart from most photographers. Before she became a professional photographer she specialized in graphic design and since then has married her photography with her expertise in digital post production and unparalleled image editing skills.
Genuine Heart & Soul:
Mary Grace takes every session she shoots straight to her heart and feels blessed to be able to call her clients her friends. She genuinely cares for each individual she meets and encounters, and her passion is that every baby, child, family and person she is able to photograph will be reminded of the beautiful gift of life they are to this world. If her photography is able to bring that light to others, her job is worth it.


Get to know Her


Some of the best years of my life were spent doing missionary work. The missions took me to many places across the globe, but the dearest to me were the 2 years I spent serving in 6 countries throughout Central and South America. From one day living in one of the poorest and dangerous areas of Nicaragua, to the next day being 8,000 feet high upon the hills of Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world – some things I saw broke my heart, others stretched and filled it…but through it all God’s constant reminder to see Him in all things remained true. I was able to encounter the world and people in ways that opened my eyes to an amazing beauty I’ve never before experienced. I believe this has contributed to the way I approach my photography. I want the art I create to capture that same beauty in each place and in every person.

After mission work, I focused my passions on speaking to thousands of teens about the joys of waiting for true love, the beauty of chastity, and how to find true peace in a world that longs for so much more. I do all this alongside my handsome best friend who also just so happens to be my husband :), and with my three rambunctious little boys in tow.

I have to admit now being a professional photographer seems to be the icing on the cake. 😉


Your Experience

Your photo session with Jmotive Photography is more than just taking portraits, it is a complete experience. There are 3 main parts to your experience:

  • Pre-consultation
  • The Photo Shoot
  • The “Reveal” and Order Session

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